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Healing comes through feeling ✌

This month, we're looking at emotions and what to do with them (because they all have a function!).

Yes, all emotions have a function-

Once we've identified the emotions, we can more readily find what they might be trying to communicate... Emotions can provide accurate signals to what we value / if value is being threatened, what we believe to be true, what we desire or what we may need.

So how do we assess what they're telling us? Relatively simple- but not necessarily easy (at least at first ☺).

Pause. And take a deep breath. Try to identify the emotion/s... and then allow yourself to feel what you're feeling. Remind yourself that you are not your emotion.

Psychologist Susan David recommends intentionally creating distance between ourselves and our emotions, for example saying "I'm feeling sad" instead of "I am sad"- we are not our emotion. Additionally, the space created allows us to better deal with what we're feeling.

This also allows us to treat the emotion with kindness and curiosity, and we can better assess what the emotion is trying to communicate.

This is especially helpful when difficult emotions happen- mindful awareness is key in dealing with them.

Turn to the challenging emotion with curiosity - what message is this feeling trying to communicate? -

and acceptance - "The best way out is always through" 🤗,

try to identify what the specific feeling is📍,

and realise the impermanence of your emotions 🌊,...

Dealing with our emotions also provides a intersection of emotional and spiritual wellness, and so an opportunity to grow in these areas.

Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) posits that emotional pain indicates a need and opportunity for God's perspective as we feel what we believe- our emotions aren't caused by the event, rather our perception of the event. These beliefs can be lie- or truth-based. Our emotions offer the potential to more intentionally move toward peace and Truth 🙌.

I'll be offering discounted TPM sessions for the months of August, September and October.

And as always, my emails are open to you for any comments or questions 🤗- email me here.

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See you there,☀️🤗

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