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Mindset matters

When it comes to these last few weeks of the year, our go-to strategy is often to push through with gritted teeth until December leave comes and we can relax and unwind... only perhaps to be faced with other challenges (stressful holiday plans, strained family relationships, budgeting concerns...).

Or the circumstances we have faced so far may have us falling into the trap of believing we can't achieve a certain thing or become the person we so desperately want to be.

What if there was a simpler, more effective way? What if we chose to take a gentler perspective? Choosing to adopt another mindset may prove helpful 🌱...

We can start (as with most things!) by first gaining awareness of our current thoughts and mindset. Are we aware of what we're telling ourselves and our views on the world? Keeping a journal, identifying our values and perhaps seeking feedback from trusted others could prove helpful here.

But once we've gained awareness, are we even able to do anything about it? Isn't it a case of "that's just the way I am"?

When we choose to adopt more of growth mindset, we give room for the belief that important qualities can be profoundly improved through learning and effort.

Ongoing research into neuroplasticity supports this by showing that the brain has the lifelong capacity to learn, unlearn and adapt. We can learn to hold things lightly, ease our grip on the way we see ourselves or the way this year "should" end.

It's a delicate balance of maybe choosing to let go, being gentle with ourselves; while still doing enough to do what needs get done.

But the way we choose to view any challenge (including this difficult year-end push) absolutely makes the difference 🤍.

As always if you feel you need assistance with this, you can reach out to me here.

With you and for you,

P.S. To this end of facilitating mindset renewal and change, I'll be adding an online shop to my website soon 🙌 . You'll be able to download resources that lead to lasting change, benefits in self-esteem and self-awareness and general improvements in wellbeing.

I'll let you know when you can look out for them 🤗

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