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Financial wellness for 43 days of Janu-worry

Everyone knows that January is the longest month of the year and financial stresses are high! 😅

Financial wellness refers to managing your money in a way that gives you peace of mind. This, along with other areas of wellness, forms an integral part of our overall wellbeing. If you're not feeling satisfied with this aspect of your wellbeing, there are some things you can implement to improve this area (that don't involve increasing your working hours to unsustainable levels or approaching your boss for a raise).

First off, it's helpful to have realistic expectations in place. It's unkind (to yourself!) to have unrealistic expectations or goals when it comes to any area of wellness, and of course this is no different. Take time to assess if the ways that you plan, expect & spend your money match your actual income.

Take note of your finances, draw up a budget, decrease your debt and plan ahead. More practical tips from a bank here.

Stay away from comparison.  Comparisons are especially easy to do with social media use being so prevalent. If you find yourself having unhelpful expectations or desires, consider limiting your social media use or unfollowing accounts / profiles that you find bring up feelings of jealousy or unworthiness, or solicit compassion in general.

Find joy, spend time on and focus on wealth that is not material... time spent with loved ones, a task well done, reading a book, spending time in nature. When we find what brings us joy & fulfillment apart from finances, we won't be reliant on money to keep us satisfied.

With all of this said, financial stresses are real and sometimes unavoidable. At times like this, it's best to show yourself kindness and borrow other's strength for a while if you feel you need to. It takes vulnerability but as always it's best not to face this struggle alone. Also, a reminder that your worth goes far beyond the things you own.

May you be intentional about seeking the non-material this year and be encouraged to reach out if you need help 💛

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