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As per my last blog post... the 101 on wellness in the workplace

Right behind last month's blog post on financial wellness (if you missed it, find it here), comes this related one; because most of us rely on this aspect of wellbeing to bring in an income - work wellness.

A large part of wellness in the workplace is directly related to activities your place of work does to promote health, or policies they've put in place to support employee health. Examples of this include health / wellness education, fitness programs, employee assistance programs, medical screenings... There are a number of ways companies foster an environment and culture of health and wellness.

Businesses that take workplace wellness seriously are clear on the benefits- happier and well-adjusted employees tend to perform better, improve productivity, increase their work initiatives and manage time efficiently.

I encourage you to find out from the HR department at your workplace if they have any such support programs. I have experience in working in this area and enjoy problem-solving with (and seeing successful turnarounds in!) employees who are having challenges at work or in their personal lives, which then naturally affect satisfaction at work.

There are also steps you can implement to enhance your experience at work:

It may prove helpful to ensure you get a good night's sleep, pack a healthy lunch, drink enough water (!) and, if possible, get some exercise during your work day (race up the stairs, anyone?). Getting these basic needs settled will already improve the likelihood of a positive experience at work.

Try to befriend colleagues or people that share your work space. Even in instances where your work environment is more insulated (hello, self-employment 🙋🏻‍♀️😂), you can find like-minded communities to aid wellness and growth- there are plenty available online and in-person. Social support is an important component in wellness in the working world.

Lastly, practice finding gratitude where you are. There might be valid things to complain about or that you find difficult in your job, and there is a place for using the available channels to get these heard! When you're just feeling ughhh 🤷🏻‍♀️ at work, however, tryto name (or better yet, make a note of) one thing daily that went right at work. Gratitude is a game changer for so many aspects of life... your work scenario is no different.

What is the most challenging part of keeping well at work for you? Which aspects do you find easy?

And as always, please reach out if you need assistance in this 🤗 - you can email me here.

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